We’ve compiled a short list of common questions. You are encouraged to ask questions – are are here to help. Also included in this FAQ page is a safety video mandated by Bullhead City. We encourage you watch the video with friends and family prior to coming out. We also have our own jetski eduction video below. Educating yourself on proper jet ski protocol in the river ensures a pleasurable experience for everyone.

What types of jet skis do you have?

We have several newer model jet skis available to rent ranging from 2 and 3 seater Yamahas and 2 and 3 seater Seadoos.

What if the jet ski stops operating?

We are always a phone call away [ (928)-234-8380 ] and we’ll be there as fast as possible. We ask that you not attempt to troubleshoot matters on your own. Swim your jet ski to a safe and nearby shore and call for assistance. We will have you back out on the water in no time at all.

Is there cargo / storage room in the jet skis?

Each jet ski has a designated cargo compartment which can store a fair amount of belongings (water, clothing, sandals, etc). The size of the cargo compartment is going to vary from jet ski to jet ski.

Do I need to bring life vest / jackets?

No. We supply our renters with the adequate number of life jackets / vests.

Can I tow anyone or anything with the jet ski?

No. We do not allow our renters to tow people or other things behind the jet ski. Some of our jet skis are not designed for this purpose and serious damage can occur.

Can I refuel the jet skis myself?

No. State law prohibits the fueling of any watercraft in the Colorado River and severe fines can be assessed. Designated refueling zones are located throughout the Colorado River.

I am going to tow the ski myself – What size hitch do I need?

You will need a 2 inch tow hitch.

Where do you launch the jet skis?

We have our own launch ramp just behind the Bullhead City location located at: 130 Long Ave, Bullhead City, AZ 86429.

Can I tow your jet skis?

Yes! We allow you to pickup the jet skis and tow them to your desired destination. Popular places nearby include: Lake Mohave and Lake Havasu. We cannot launch you at either of these locations. Malow’s Jet Ski Rentals only launches jet skis on the Colorado River at our designated launch ramp.

How much is gasoline?

Fuel is charged by the bar. 2-bars remaining = $75, 4-bars remaining = $50, 2-bars used = $25. We DO offer mid-day refills while you are out on the water. Simply give us a call and we will pick you up at the launch ramp to refuel the jet ski.

Where are you located?

We are located at 130 Long Ave, Bullhead City, AZ 86429. Heading south on highway 95 we are on your right-hand side – directly across from the Pioneer Hotel & Casino.